Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ashley's Week.

I had hoped to have finished reading Pursing Justice so I could review it today, but I haven't yet! Hopefully by Friday. So instead, I thought I'd share some photos from my week. Let's see what I did this week. Well, I made my desk go from this
to this!
I also go to meet two beautiful brand new girls! Twins Amelia and Penelope came into the world last week! So tiny and precious!
Unfortunately, when I stopped by, one of them was in the special care nursery (No worries, everyone is healthy, happy, and now home), so I only have a photo with one.  But how adorable?? And they're identical twins, so the other looks just like this ;)

Let's see, what else did I do this week? Oh! I got a hair cut:
And I giggled when this showed up in my Instagram feed from DoctorWhovians:

The thought of Nine as Peter Pan is silly enough, then you realize Mickey's a baby and Captain Jack, oh Captain Jack, is Tinkerbell! Seriously, it just keeps getting funnier!

I did other stuff, too, like work, and set things on fire, and teach kids, and get crazy awesome deals at Saver's sale (I got a pair of TOMs for $1.50!!!!!!), but I don't have photos of any of that stuff. So you get what you pay for.

Which, in this case, is nothing. You pay nothing to read this blog. Pay me, and maybe I'll give you more content ;) Happy Wednesday friends!

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