Monday, January 7, 2013

26 Years

My mom has a favorite question. Every birthday, she asks the birthday person, "So in ____ years of life, what have you learned?" She then is disappointed because we usually just groan and mumble "idunno..." It's not that we haven't learned anything, it's just that we feel put on the spot! To which she says, "Well, you had all year to think of something!" and then we just change the subject.

But tonight, just for you mom, here are 26 things I have learned in my life (in no particular order). This should cover me for a few years, right?!

1) How to actually exercise, like, real exercises, even some on machines!!
2) I am very much an introvert (despite what some friends think). If I don't get frequent Ashley-alone Time, I go crazy and get cranky.
3) The world is a seriously messed up place.
4) For every messed up thing in the world, there is some amazing person seeking to change it.
5) I crave travel, but travel just for the sake of travel always seems to be missing something. I am in my element when I travel with purpose (i.e. Missions).
6) The importance of one person who totally understands you and all your quirks (or at least, puts up with them), who can be a partner-in-adventure for all your life's moments.
7) I love celebrations: holidays, birthdays, etc. are awesome.
8) How to sew.
9) Doctor Who is fantastic and slightly addictive.
10) People aren't always what they seem (for the better, or the worse).
11) Life doesn't always turn out like you think it will, but God's way is so much cooler and better!
12) The new candy cigarettes are not good :( I miss the old ones. A lot.
13) Finances. Budgeting. Blah blah blah.
14) How to be a nurse.
15) Kids are awesome and way smarter and more aware than we give them credit for. They need to be nurtured and challenged, to know that they are important and their opinions matter.
16) I am not a movie person. Yes, I like movies, but I'd much rather sit down and watch some episodes of TV shows.
17) I fade if I'm not creative frequently.
18) There is a lot more to life than finding a spouse. A whole heck of a lot more!
19) Prayer is where people must have gotten the idea of magic. It connects us to a Really Big God and changes unchangeable things? Magic! (But even better than magic, because it always has a positive ending).
20) I become more geeky as I age.
21) Many Christians are not living as Christ-followers. They live a "just-good-enough-but-still-blend-in" kinda life without much risk or difference. I want to be a risky difference maker.
22) Reality TV has gone insane. Do we really need two TV shows about professional bra fitters?!
23) The Bible is a seriously cool book. History, Romance, Action, Parables, and more all in one book, yet is applicable to everyday life two thousand years later?! Yes, please!
24) Life truly is better when lived for others.
25) Those people who say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" have no idea what they're talking about. I could list a lot of things that taste super amazing.
26) My family is kinda crazy and weird, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.


  1. Your post should be called Amazing Ashley!
    Nancy Savoie Lawicki


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