Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Kisses From Katie"

I bought this book, so I'm under no obligation to write a review, but I absolutely love love love this book and wanted to share! And I now love this woman. She's my new role model, right up there with Amy Carmichael (Their books are gonna live together on my shelf). Katie Davis is amazing. So who is Katie and why is she giving out kisses?
Katie Davis was your typical middle-class teenager. She went to high school, had a boyfriend, and did all the normal teen things. But there was one major difference. Katie was madly, deeply, faithfully in love with Jesus Christ. In her senior year, she talked her parents into letting her go on a missions trip to Uganda that ultimately changed her life forever. Katie fell in love with the people of Uganda and decided to spend her first year after high school working there. It took a lot of convincing for her parents to agree to postponing college, but soon Katie was on a plane with a promise to come back and get on track next year.
But no one expected the life God had in store for her.

Over the next year, driven by the need she saw around her, Katie started a child-sponsorship program, enrolling over 100 kids; she adopted 13 girls; provided food, clothing, health care, and tutoring on a daily basis to all the sponsored kids, and so much more. I wanna make sure you didn't miss that. BEFORE SHE WAS 21, SHE ADOPTED 13 CHILDREN.
What did you do before you were 21?

This book made me cry, and laugh, and pray that I would be even half as faithful and trusting as Katie is. At 21, she has a faith and walk with God that will challenge most people's. The book itself is an autobiography of sorts, telling her story from beginning to wherever it is now. She includes excerpts from her journal, allowing added insight into the character of
a life-and-soul-saver.

I think these journal entries were my favorite part. It kept the book real. We (okay, I) have a tendency to almost idolize people who are being used by God to do amazing things (But we would never call it idolizing, of course. That's breaking a commandment! ). These journal entries show the person behind the acts. We see the fear, the doubt, the errors, and the humor. They help us realize, this person is just like me. She's nervous and clueless, too. She's scared and amazed, too. But she still said yes. She answered when God called. She's still human. And a young one at that!

I could go on for a really long time about how much I love this book and this woman. But I won't, because I want you all to go out, buy it, and read it. I think you'll love this woman as much as I do! And until you can get the book,
check out her blog!

Super Duper Recommended 5/5 Stars, for sure!

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