Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Saw a Girl Get Hit by a Car Today

So after church today, I was driving to the grocery store to meet some friends (we were picking up some things to cook lunch together). I was stopped at a light (4-way intersection), about three cars back. Straight ahead was the store, and directly to my right was a 7-11. So I'm just sitting there waiting for the light to change when I see this girl, maybe mid-teens or so, come running out between cars, two cars ahead of me, carrying a gallon of milk. This girl is running. And I'm thinking, "this girl is kinda stupid to run across a street like this, and not even at the crosswalk!". As I'm thinking this, she's almost across, but a white car is coming around the corner, and can't slam on the brakes fast enough. The girl rolls up on the hood of the car, the gallon of milk falls and breaks all over the street, and she lands on the ground.

I'm sitting in my car with my hands over my mouth, praying, "Oh my God, let her be okay! Oh my God, Oh my God!!!" As I'm thinking this, she stands up and starts running away!! She would've kept going, except the guy got out of the car and went to see how she was. I was in my car, so I couldn't hear what was going on, but it seemed to me that the guy was trying to figure out why she was running across the middle of the street when there was a crosswalk ten feet away (although he didn't seem too angry, more concerned and incredulous). She just seemed like she really wanted to go.

I should mention, he had just about come to a stop when he hit her, so I don't think she was really hurt...maybe a bit bruised, though. I mean, she WAS hit by a car! Anyways, my light turned green, but I obviously wasn't just going to keep going without making sure she was okay, so I rolled down the window and asked her if she was okay. She said "yeah, I'm fine" and seemed more irritated that I was asking than anything else. And she didn't seem hurt or anything, so I kept going and prayed everything would be okay. As a friend said later when I was telling them the story, "she must get hit all the time so it's no big deal!"

When I came out of the store ten minutes later they were gone. So, that's my crazy story for the day. A bit traumatic (apparently more so for me than for the girl). But seriously. Who gets hit by a car and tries to keep running? I mean, besides a criminal of some sort. I'm glad she was okay, because I really didn't wanna deal with some sort of injuries, especially after watching it happen!

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