Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sex, Money, and That Sick Feeling

Oh my gosh.
What the heck?!
Holy crap holy crap holy crap.
What the &$%@#*$&%^&
Oh my God, save these girls!!

Repeat for an hour and a half.

That's pretty much went through my head during the screening of
This film is based on real events, also captured in a book of the same name.
Basically, to sum it up very quickly, a woman works for the UN in post-war Bosnia. During her work, she comes face-to-face with human trafficking, specifically the sex trade. Worse than that, many government workers and high-ranking officials are involved, not only as customers, but as suppliers. When she tries to end this horrible reality, she is faced with threats to her and the girls involved, and is forced to end her formal investigation. But she cannot simply forget the things she has learned.
She becomes the Whistleblower.

This film is gruesome, intense, and very real. Be warned: this is rated R for good reason. You will be nauseated. It's hard to process this film. It's obviously far different than reading a book about human trafficking (which I've done several times). Seeing this movie made it so much more realistic. I know what I saw was acting, but it was really good acting. And what was depicted really happened. And it's happening right now. All over the world. Even here in the US, here in Mass.

It's sickening. But that word isn't strong enough. I don't have words to fully convey what I'm thinking and feeling. Except to say I have to DO something. But I'm not sure what or how. But I have some ideas, and have to look into some things, and pray about it.

The film comes to select theaters this weekend. Please go see it. Its very intense. Very. But its important to be aware of what's happening in our world, especially if we want to end it.

While you're at it, check out Sex+Money (which I screened on Monday).
It was just as serious, but not as gritty. This one is about sex trafficking right here in the US. Its a documentary with interviews from former prositutes, pimps, clients, and leaders in the abolition movement.

Both films were very well done, on a very serious and important topic. Please check these films out and let me know if you'd like more resources...I've got a ton! Together we can end slavery in our lifetime.

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