Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weirdest. Teaching. Ever!

Our usual youth leaders are in Greece with their new baby bump,

so I'm teaching youth group tomorrow night!

I was driving the other day, pondering what I would teach on,

when Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" came on the radio.

And since I have some issues with the song, I thought

"I should teach on this song!"

Then I laughed.

Then I stopped laughing, and thought about it.

Then I said, "This is crazy!

Lord, You're gonna have to give me a real lesson!"

And then...nothing.

Well, nothing else.

Instead, I got more and more insights into the song!

So, tomorrow night, I will be teaching....

on Lady Gaga.

And I guarantee, its not what you think.

(And to you nervous youth leaders,

Don't worry.

Its not sacrilege.

Just a little weird
But its a good Word

and it stays on topic from the past few weeks!)

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