Build Your Own Read-a-Thon 2016

It's time for year two of BYORAT! This is the read-a-thon designed for people (like me) who can't always fit the popular thons into their schedules, but still want the challenge and fun of a thon. You choose everything, but it's still structured and hosted. So how's it work?

1) Choose your dates. Choose 3-10 consecutive days between August 2016 and August 2017 for your BYORAT that works for your schedule. This year I'm going with August 29-September 2 (five days). Of course, with the nature of this -thon, you could do it multiple times during the year and have different challenges each time.

2) Choose your reading challenges. These are certainly not mandatory, but they make BYORAT more interesting. Choose as many as you like, based on your reading habits. I typically like to go for one per day. You can choose your favorites or, as I'm going to do, put them all in a hat and choose at random. This year's reading challenges:
  • Read an entire book without putting it down
  • A book with a number on the cover
  • #adulting: A book that teaches you something
  • A full series
  • A book with a cringe-worthy cover
  • A book a day...keeps reality away!
  • Read a book with your name on the cover (either actually there, like in the title or author name, or made up from letters in the title and author's name)
  • A genre you don't usually read
  • A book that's been waiting on your TBR for a while
  • A book with pink on the cover
3) Choose your video challenges. Again, not mandatory, but fun. If you don't have a YouTube channel you can tweak the challenges to work on your blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. Same as above, one for each day (or however many you want).
  • a-MAZE-ing
    • Use your books to make a maze-then go through it!
  • MASH your TBR
    • Remember that game MASH you played in junior high where you and JTT ended up with 8 kids living in a shack paid for by your job as a secret agent? Time to dust off that notebook and play with the books you're reading during this thon!
  • Bookish Fine Arts
    • Do something artsy related to a book you like! You can take this to any art form: crafting, fashion, make up, culinary arts, music, whatever. Just get creative!
  • #Adulting
    • Do something you learned from a book. Bake a cake, make a budget, try some new exercises. If you read it in a book (maybe the #adulting reading challenge?) give it a shot!
  • Tag! You're It!
    • Remember that tag your forgot you were tagged in? Or that one you wanted to do and never got around to it? Now's your chance to fix that.
  • Character Vlog
    • What if Hermione Granger or Will Herondale had a YouTube channel? What would they vlog about? Pull out some cosplay and let's find out.
  • Foreign Review
    • Give us a review of a book you read this week with an accent. I don't care if you can't do a recognizable accent to save your life (that's me, by the way), make something up. That will make it even better.
  • Travel Guide
    • Give us a commercial for your favorite fictional destination letting travelers know why they should come there. Should I go to Mordor? Can I walk there? What's the weather like in Forks this time of year? 
  • Love Letter to An Author
    • Take a moment to really thank one of your favorite authors. Send them a nice email, or even an old school letter (bonus points!). Take the time to do something a little more than a nice tweet. 
  • Take it Outside!
    • Film today's video outside in the fresh air. Bonus points for actually reading outside, too.
4) Get started! Now that you've got your dates and challenges, get to it! Get your TBR up and let me know when and where you're participating so I can follow along. Use the hashtag #BYORAT across all social media to find others building their own read-a-thons. We've also got a GoodReads group started here!

Watch the announcement video here:

Hope you have fun! I'm looking forward to this new year of BYORATing!

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